portrait photography

Portrait Photography

by robbie conder


An English Photographer for your family portraits
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I began portrait-work on the beach. There, after setting up contracts with a few select beach bars, I offered their customers candid portraits to fit their needs. I sold my photography by placing the contact sheets at the bar and developed the photographs in the local photography shop.

Portrait Photography Packs

This beautiful location was my first "portrait photography school", using the available natural light and a bit of off-camera flash put me on the right track to "enlightenment" over 20 years ago.

All the photography packs include:

Beautiful places.... in France
Chateau de Grignols
Corme Ecluse near Saujon
Châteaux de Tertre
Chateau Ferme
Châteaux Smith Haute LaFitte
Words of "thankyou"

Hello Robbie!

it's been a long time since we met at Corme Ecluse - sorry it's taken so long to get back in touch with you. Once again i want to thank you for the way you were with us that day.

And the photos! we all LOVE them! thank you so much, they're really lovely. so, the ones we want to order under the original agreement are:

2 enlargements:2535, 3076 15 others: 2497 3119 ..

thanks again robbie, I hope you’re having a good summer out there.


Hi Robbie,

Thx for having us at your place for lunch & showing us around, it was truly a nice place with magnificent long coastline & beautiful horizon.

We've gone through the picking of the 40 photos and jotted down in the attached txt for your reference & processing, DSCF1016 (the squashed fly pic) is our final choice for the large print and you can see that I've put an * next to the file name.

Cheers, Jimmy

Hi Robbie,

Great shots!!! We are 12 over. I'll send you a check from BNP on Monday.

OUr list follows: 5531 (8x10), 6694,6701,6702,5504

Thanks again, Jane

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for calling the other day to check that we had seen the images, we have at last made a choice!....

Here goes:

The larger photo choice is : Jobber0132_1

Others are : Jobber0136_1, 0137, 0140,

Look forward to receiving the printed photos!



Hi Robbie,

These look great thank you.

1 quick question....

If, we wanted all, What would the price be? There're are 3 families and it might end up that we choose virtually all..( who knows with them) so I just want to check before hand.

It might take sometime to get back to you with a final order as we are now scattered all over the uk and USA, but I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

If you could add I the photos I mentioned and let me know that would be fab!

Thanks a mill