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Advertising & events

A few photography commissions in France
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My first corporate work was as an assistant photographer on a fashion shoot for a French clothing company in 1994. From carrying the tripod to holding the spare camera it was the only way to gain experience.

Now I have my own national and international customer base and sell my images and photography services to hotel chains, campings, specialist magazines, international corporations and local companies.

Event Photography

Event Photographer Experience, training and dedication is what makes a good sportsman. For the event photographer it means following the movement and finding the light to get the shot. I shoot events with the same feeling as if I was on the sharp end of the lens. more info

Corporate Photography

Corporate Photographer I create custom corporate photography of people, places, and products with copyright to suit your needs. Ideal for your advertising, sales material, guides, websites and other internal and external printed or electronic literature. more info